CSPC 2021 has ended

Kelly Bronson

University of Ottawa
Canada Research Chair in Science and Society in Sociology
Kelly Bronson is a Canada Research Chair in Science and Society in Sociology at the University of Ottawa with close affiliation to the Institute for Science, Society and Society (ISSP.uottawa.ca). She studies and intervenes into science-society tensions that erupt around technologies–GMOs, fracking, big data & AI—and their governance. Through her research and community engagement she aims to bring societal values into conversation with technical knowledge in the production of evidence-informed decision-making. Kelly brings to this panel moderation expertise in dynamic facilitation and public speaking for general audiences, as well as years of experience bridging expert communities; she herself was once a lab-bench scientist but now works on the social dimensions of science and technology. She also brings science policy expertise, for example she has been deemed a “thought leader” by Agriculture and Agri-food Canada and regularly consults government – for instance, working with Treasury Board Secretariat on peer review of AI in government.