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Jennifer Quizi

Director of Biotherapeutics Manufacturing Operations

Dr. Jennifer Quizi is Director of Biotherapeutics Manufacturing Operations at BioCanRx, and Director of the Biotherapeutics Manufacturing Centre - Virus Manufacturing Facility at the Ottawa Hospital. Previously within BioCanRx, Dr. Quizi held the position of Director of Scientific Affairs, where she managed the portfolio of scientific programs funded by the organization, and engineered strategic partnerships to further the BioCanRx mandate. Prior to BioCanRx, Dr. Quizi was the Senior Clinical Research Program Manager for the laboratory of Dr. John Bell at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. In this role she was key in driving a number of large, multi-institutional translational research initiatives forward to the clinic. She also championed the establishment of a first-of-its kind training program that continues to this day to provide trainees with hands-on training in GMP manufacturing. Dr. Quizi has a number of years of experience with manufacturing biologics in her role as Operations Manager for the Biotherapeutics Manufacturing Centre in Ottawa, where they specialize in the production of therapeutic viruses for clinical use. Prior to this, she held the position of Clinical Research Scientist for a pre-clinical SME in the cancer space. Dr. Quizi holds a PhD in cellular and molecular medicine from the University of Ottawa.